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How to Sell at the Market

Below you will find information about Vendor Application Form, General Rules and Regulations,
Pet Dealer Rules and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Fill out our Vendor Application Form to receive more information
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Vendor Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions,
please fill out our Vendor Registration Form to register to receive more info.

What items are prohibited from being sold?2018-07-15T21:32:25+00:00

Illegal items and inappropriate items are prohibited. (We reserve the right to decide what is inappropriate.)

Forbidden items include:

  • Pornographic materials
  • Guns or ammunition
  • Copy protected and counterfeit items
  • Alcohol or tobacco products
Can I use my space at La Vaquita Flea Market to promote my business?2020-12-16T05:19:53+00:00

Absolutely! With more than 25,000 visitors every week, The Market is a superb place to promote your business.

Do I need a Business License to sell at The Flea Market?2018-07-15T21:32:42+00:00

You do not need a business license, if your booth is in an outside area OR your booth is inside for less than four weeks.

Do I need a Jefferson city business license, if your booth is inside (AC/Heated area) and you stay more than four weeks?2018-07-15T21:35:00+00:00

Any individual or business engaged in retail activity in Georgia is required to have a Georgia tax ID.

Can I sell Food or Drinks?2018-07-15T21:33:02+00:00

Food and drink sales are restricted and regulated. Please contact the PFM office for more information and availability.

How do I become a vendor at the Flea Market?2018-07-15T21:33:04+00:00

It’s easy! Fill out our vendor registration form and we’ll contact you shortly.

Who do I ask if I have a question or need help?2018-07-15T21:35:31+00:00

Please contact or stop by the PFM Office located on Main Street right in the middle. Our main phone # is 706-740-4379

Are pets allowed inside the Market?2022-08-28T20:11:33+00:00

Tips for New Sellers

  1. Visit us first
    We recommend you visit us during business hours before renting a space. It will give you a good understanding of our crowd and the current competition for your idea.
  2. Prepare for launch
    An inviting setup is key to success. Get your space ready by having eye-catching signage and display material. Review our rules for guidelines, and let our leasing team know if you want to purchase signage using our on-site vendor.
  3. Get set up
    Coordinate with our leasing team on a space and move-in date. If you have any construction needs, we have on-site contractors available through the office.
  4. Give it some time
    In order to get your new business out there, we recommend you commit to at least 4 weeks to testing the market. That will give you time to build up sales and learn how our customers work.
  5. Smile and greet
    Make an effort to engage with customers and detail your products. People feel more comfortable buying when they understand the facts.
  6. Network with other sellers
    Talk with other vendors and let them know about your new business. Customers often ask other sellers where they can find certain items, and if they know where you are they can send them your way.
  7. Utilize social media and website
    Create social media accounts for your business and add them to your vendor listing on our website. You can also add photos and business information to your listing on to increase your reach.

Rules & Regulations

Below you will find a list of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have further questions,
please fill out our Vendor Registration Form to register to receive more info.

Rule Compliance2021-01-11T22:59:06+00:00

Rule Compliance

The purchase of a space constitutes an agreement by the vendor to comply with all rules and regulations. La Vaquita Flea Market reserves the right to revoke any reservation and evict violators without a refund.

  1. La Vaquita Flea Market prohibits the sale, display or distribution of merchandise bearing counterfeit trademarks or that infringe on copyrighted designs or materials.
  2. Any merchandise, as defined by La Vaquita Flea Market, that is not characteristic of a wholesome family environment.
  3. The sale of firearms and ammunition is strictly prohibited.
  4. The sale of any pornography is strictly prohibited.

More info on Georgia State Sales Tax Click Here.

Business Licenses2018-07-15T21:30:13+00:00

You do not need a business license, if your booth is in an outside area OR your booth is inside for less than four weeks.

You do need a Jefferson city business license, if your booth is inside (AC/Heated area) and you stay more than four weeks.

Any individual or business engaged in retail activity in Georgia is required to have a Georgia tax ID.

Please fill out our Vendor Registration Form to register to receive more info.

Pet Dealers

La Vaquita Flea Market Pet Vendor Guidelines / Standards / Procedures

Please read below carefully

Pet Dealer Rules2021-12-14T19:41:27+00:00

Please read this entire document carefully

La Vaquita Flea Market
Pet Vendor Guidelines / Standards / Procedures

Here at La Vaquita Flea Market, we take selling pets very seriously and their humane treatment is of utmost importance.  We understand that when a customer purchases a pet, it is like taking a new family member home for the first time or a long lost friend coming to stay with you. Therefore, we take pride in making sure that all of our pet dealers are reputable breeders and that they and their kennels are licensed through the Department of Agriculture. All pet vendors must sign a pledge to uplift the standards of La Vaquita Flea Market when selling pets at the Market. Animal vendors should make each and every transaction with the expectation of 100% customer satisfaction.


Vendors will treat all animals as we would like to be treated and will show compassion and respect for all living animals. Therefore, a vendor is to place puppies/animals in a kennel/cage for display; whereas, each puppy/animal has enough space to sleep comfortably, play, eat and take water without being on top of another puppy or animal. Further, the kennel/cage is to be as such that the waste from the animals/puppies flow downward or away from the animals so that they may be housed in a clean, dry disease free environment. The vendor is to breed, for selling at the Market, only the best dogs that have been cleared of common genetic illnesses. At La Vaquita Flea Market, puppies must be at least 8 weeks old to be sold.


  • Vendors take selling their dogs at La Vaquita seriously and customers should expect professionalism from each pet dealer. Therefore, we ask our vendors to do the following:
    Interview/speak with the prospective customer- Selling a puppy is making a match. The vendor wants to match the customer’s interests, expectations and capabilities to both the breed characteristics and their individual puppy’s needs. Permit as much interaction between prospective buyer and puppy.
  • Give Contract to each customer/buyer- Each vendor must have some form of written agreement with their customers/ buyers. Make sure the customer/buyer understands the contract. Discuss any question thoroughly with the customer. The contract should protect the customer as well as the vendor. Further, but, not least, a vendor is to give in writing to the customer an accurate term of his/her financial matters, guarantees or condition of sales; all of which, should be explained to the customer.
  • Give expected paperwork- Each vendor must provide required paper work and additional information on grooming, training, feeding and care. But, most importantly, give individual records of doctor visits for each puppy sold. If you give your puppy shots yourself, please let the customer know and give name of shots and dates. Also, give in detail the potential genetic and developmental problems affiliated with each puppy being sold. Provide references to local veterinarians. Please make sure that you are reachable by your customer after the purchase of the animal. Indicate a number/s where you can be contacted after selling the puppy. Please return calls to your customer. Respect and Courtesy are still expected after the sale. This customer may be a repeat customer, if treated respectfully.
  • Give courtesy and respect- Each vendor should meet a prospective customer/buyer with courtesy and respect by speaking to the customer as you would want a person to speak to you. Courtesy and respect to be exchanged between vendor and customer.


For the welfare of the purchased animal, each vendor should be prepared by being knowledgeable about each puppy in order to answer the customer/buyer’s questions responsibly and respectfully. Please see above, Professionalism- Ethics and Interview.


The Market asks that each vendor be concerned about their customers and puppies for as long as there is a need after the customer takes puppy home. We would like for each vendor to be a good match with each customer as the customer and the puppy should be a good match. Should you an encounter an issue, La Vaquita Flea Market will advocate for an amicable solution for both Vendor and Customer. 

Procedures for Pet Vendors – Summary for Set-Up

Understanding that the purchase of a pet is to bring joy to the customer and a family, we at LVFM want our vendors to know that there are certain guidelines and procedures that must be followed by our vendors to establish that our customers are buying and taking home what the customer thinks he/she is buying. Therefore the above guidelines and procedures herein are to give the broader community a sense of well being with the animals sold here at the Market and ensure customer satisfaction.

Vendors must do the following before set-up or while selling at the Market:

  1. Provide a picture ID along with this application.
  2. Provide a license from the Department of Agriculture. Temporary vendors who sell one litter a year are not required to have a license from the DOA. Note: All other Guidelines and Standards and Procedures herein must be followed.
  3. Bring copy of updated shot records for the Market’s record, if you give shots yourself, bring receipts for the medicine given puppy.
  4. The puppies’ parents are not allowed at the Market.
  5. All puppies must be 8 weeks old to sell at the Market. Please bring proof.
  6. Pets /puppies must be in a kennel/cage at all times; free to move around easily within kennel/cage, with filled water and food containers accessible to the animals at all times. The cage that the vendor brings to the market needs to have a “double” bottom; whereas, urine and feces will drop and will not stay at the same level where the puppies are standing.
  7. Unsatisfied valid customer complaint will get you banned from selling animals at the Market.
  8. Courtesy and Respect are expected to all vendors, customers, workers and Staff.

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